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Date: 26th January, 2001
Last updated: 31th January, 2001
Version: 2.01
Author email: nokiaguru@ucables.com
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Steps to programming a partiall flash file using a NK-FLASH cable

  1. Nokia Flasher Shell and Nokia Flasher installation
  2. Check sw version of nokia mobile phone
  3. Ejecutar Nokia Flasher Shell
  4. Nokia Flasher 1.0b. Select nokia phone model and start address

Start addresses to use with partial flashing
Start addresses and files to use with FULL flashing


Finally our camarade Dejan has designed a new low cost device which can flash nokia mobile phones, now you don't need to spend 20.000 US $ in a TDF-4 box. The nokia flasher use is not dificult to use but you must be attent at every step you do. Once time you make fisrts time it will be a children game, you can flash any nokia phone in just 7 seconds.

There is two ways to flash with Dejan Nokia Flasher, Full or partially.

1. Partial Flash: is used to unlock and always should be used the same sw version file as you have in your mobile phone. This files have 64 Kb. This process take just 7 seconds.

2. Full flash: is used to unlock, repair broken phones or change phone language. Flash memory is fully changed with this procedure, EEPROM should be programmed too, but sometimes is suficient just only programming flash memory, if mobile phone not have coverage later you have flashed you must program EEPROM too, flash and eeprom files must have same sw version and language. To write or program EEPROM memory is necesary an SMD EEPROM programmer with SOIC clips (available at ucables.com from February, 2001). Flashing process can take between 1 and 3 minutes. Size of flashing files are between 500 and 1400Kb. The difference to make a full flash or make a partial flash is to used different flash files and range of addresses.If you don't need to change language, we recommend you use a partial flashing. If you really need full flashing, the best way to do it is to get another unlocked mobile phone of the same version and read flash in the appropiate address range and read eeprom. Later you must write flash and EEPROM to the phone that you want to make full flashing.

When you make a flash you must take in mind 4 parameters, mobile phone model, phone software version (sw), flash memory type (INTEL, ATMEL, INTEL 28F160) and start address where to start to flash. First thing you must do is select the type of memory, you can choose INTEL, but if you try and it not works you can try the with ATMEL or INTEL 28F160.

To make this process easier we will explain how to flash using a Nokia flasher shell 1.5, it's a program that interface with the original MSDOS program Nokia Flasher 1.0b and it allow to select, flash type and sw version. Nokia flasher shell will show us appropiate start addresses that we must enter at nokia flasher.


  1. NK-FLASH cable, available at http://ucables.com
  2. SMD EEPROM programmercon with SOIC clips (required for full flashing only)
  3. Nokia Flasher Shell + Nokia Flash 1.0b by Dejan
  4. Partial flash files (included)

Steps to programming a partiall flash file using a NK-FLASH cable

1. Nokia Flasher Shell and Nokia Flasher installation

a) Download flasher_shell_v105.zip or from here
b) unzip in the directory c:\

The file flasher_shell_v105.zip contains Nokia flasher shell, Nokia flasher 1.0b by Dejan, partiall flash files (.fls), and all .tia and required configuration files. If you need full flash files to repair or change languages you can find aqui.
Anyway you can always read full flash from an unlocked phone and dump it at the phone that you want to repair. Be sure that have same software versions, if you don't use the same software version checksums are differents and it will not work, take care you can damage your mobile phone!, at the moment we are procedure to flash with different mobile phone versions, if you don't matter to crash any phone, you can try to do this and later use Wintesla with appropiate libraries to fix coverage.

2. Check sw version of nokia mobile phone

You can read sw version pressing *#0000# (phone must be turned on and with a simcard inside), or you can read it using Nokia tool with the cable NK-567

3. Execute Nokia Flasher Shell

a) Select memory flash type, choose INTEL and if not work try others.
b) Select nokia phone model: 5110, 3210, 7110, 8210, 3310, 6150, 8850, 6210.
c) Select sw version that have your nokia phone (it's the sw number that you get in the step 1 with Nokia tool). It's very important that you use the same sw version, or you can damage your mobile phone. Below you can read start address, write down this number. When you push at the sw version button by example V 5.28. Nokia flasher shell will launch Nokia Flasher 1.0 under MSDOS with the parameters that we have selected.

4. Nokia Flasher 1.0b. Select nokia phone model and start address

Pulse F2 Pulse Enter para seleccionar el modelo nokia
Press Enter to select flash file and enter start address that you have write previously (be sure that you write the right start address or you can crash your phone) Press Enter and turn on your mobile phone inmediately (Some nokia models not require to turn on like 3210).
If you get a screen error the problem, probably you have an incorrect computer configuration (not use notebooks), or you have choose incorrectly the flash memory type.  
If you finally you have successfully write your flash your mobile phone will be free!!!


Start addresses to use with partial flashing. Partial flash files .fls are included at the installation directory of nokia flasher.


Version Address


5.31 260000
5.36 260000
6.00 255000


3.24 270000
4.02 270000
4.06 280000


5.28 250000
5.29 250000
5.30 250000


5.71 250000


5.23 270000


3.01 380000
3.04 380000
4.08 380000


Version Address


4.88 3A0000
4.94 3B0000
5.00 3A0000


5.11 280000
5.16 280000
5.20 280000
5.21 280000
5.25 280000
 5.26 280000


5.11 280000
5.16 280000
5.20 280000
5.21 280000
5.25 280000
5.26 280000

Start addresses and files to use with FULL flashing.

Model - sw. Address range File
3210 4.02 00200000-00400000 3210-402B.ZIP
3210 4.41 00200000-00400000 3210-441B.ZIP
3210 4.43 00200000-00400000 3210-443B.ZIP
3210 5.10 00200000-00400000 3210-510B.ZIP
3210 5.26 00200000-00400000 3210-526B.ZIP
3210 5.31 00200000-00400000 3210-531B.ZIP
3210 5.36 00200000-00400000 3210-536B.ZIP
3210 6.00 00200000-00400000 3210-600B.ZIP
3310 3.24 00200000-00400000 3310-324B.ZIP
3310 4.02 00200000-00400000 3310-402B.ZIP
3310 4.06 00200000-00400000 3310-406B.ZIP
5110 4.51 00200000-00300000 5110-451B.ZIP
5110 4.59 00200000-00300000 5110-459B.ZIP
5110 5.04 00200000-00300000 5110-504B.ZIP
5110 5.07 00200000-00300000 5110-507B.ZIP
5110 5.11 00200000-00300000 5110-511B.ZIP
5110 5.22 00200000-00300000 5110-522B.ZIP
5110 5.24 00200000-00300000 5110-524B.ZIP
5110 5.27 00200000-00300000 5110-527B.ZIP
5110 5.28 00200000-00300000 5110-528B.ZIP
5110 5.29 00200000-00300000 5110-529B.ZIP
5110 5.30 00200000-00300000 5110-530B.ZIP
5130 5.00 00200000-00300000 5130-500B.ZIP
5130 5.71 00200000-00300000 5130-571B.ZIP
6110 5.47 00200000-00400000 6110-547B.ZIP
6150 4.12 00200000-00400000 6150-412B.ZIP
6150 5.02 00200000-00400000 6150-502B.ZIP
6150 5.17 00200000-00400000 6150-517B.ZIP
6150 5.20 00200000-00400000 6150-520B.ZIP
6150 5.22 00200000-00400000 6150-522B.ZIP
6150 5.23 00200000-00400000 6150-523B.ZIP
6210 3.01 00200000-005A0000 6210-301B.ZIP
6210 3.04 00200000-00600000 6210-304B.ZIP
6210 4.08 00200000-00400000 6210-408B.ZIP
7110 4.77 00200000-00400000 7110-477B.ZIP
7110 4.88 00200000-00400000 7110-488B.ZIP
8210 5.11 00200000-003D0000 8210-511B.ZIP
8210 5.16 00200000-003D0000 8210-516B.ZIP
8210 5.20 00200000-003D0000 8210-520B.ZIP
8210 5.21 00200000-003D0000 8210-521B.ZIP
8210 5.25 00200000-003D0000 8210-525B.ZIP
8850 5.11 00200000-00400000 8850-511B.ZIP
8850 5.16 00200000-00400000 8850-516B.ZIP
Note: full flashes have different languages, and EEPROM dump is not included.


1. When i try to select any flash memory type i got the following error::
Download TABCTL32.OCX and copy to directory \windows\system32

2. I Have selected the right flash type and start address but Nokia flash give me error: BOOT TX data error
a) Don't use Nokia Flasher in a notebook, Paralel port not works not works like in computer desk.
b) Configure BIOS Paralel port with different modes EPP or SPP, etc. SPP should works.
b) Try in another computer may be configuration is not good

3. I need to partial flash new nokia mobile phones sw version like nokia 3310 version 4.18 or Nokia 7110 version 5.01, where can i get new partial files for this phones and initial flash addresses?
We are working on it collecting and testing partial flash files. If you have an unlocked new version of nokia not included at our list, by example 3310 version 4.18 (initial address 270000) or Nokia 7110 version 5.01 (try read initial address 3A0000 and 3B0000), please send us by email to nokiaguru@ucables.com

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